About The School :-

The school is located in rural area, surrounded by rural villages, tracepassed by highways. School is situated in such a place where school is accessable to all the desireus parents and student. It is a co-educational, English Medium affiliated to CBSE complying all the basic requirement as per the guideline. Some of the are :-

(A) Besides all the basic needs, the school provides musical classes, drama and skits, drawing and painting, games and sports(Indoor and Outdoor), quiz, debate, extompore, science activities theory with practicals.

(B) The school also provides peaceful and harmonius, culture of formal and xionformal along with informal education. The pupils are disciplined to respect each other with proper etiquette. Students are guided, shaped and motivated for self goal realisation confidence and comptetiveness are instilled and boosted for future competition. Inter-cultural and religious programmes are exchanged within the school for national harmony. Above all we provide Boy's and girl's to be a man and woman of great substance.

(C) The school is economically and academically complete with required resources. Potable water, toilets and washrooms, miniauditorium, science labs, audiovisual equipments, projectors, play grounds, assembly court, airy and spacious smart like classes, rich faculty, staff transportation, first aids with extra classes are available.

(D) The school gives special attention on teaching and learning techniques according to each grades, class room explanation, interaction, black board use, group discusssion. References and examples of the topic subject taught, audios and videos, reasoning power, high order thinking skills practical with theory and outdoor practicals as well as educational tours and activities are provided.

Assesments :-

The students are assessed through reading ; writing and reasoning tests and accordingly admissions are alloted.

As the classes are taught, taught lessons topics are asked both verbally and written to assess not only each classes but every individuals. There is weekly test to assess and progress the educational and mental level. There are periodic tests. Every month, parents are called for parents and teachers to assess and pin-point weaknesses of pupils.

The teachers being TGT or PGT are also passionate about teaching. Their aim being teacher, has gone through proper teaching technique. Lesson plans, motivation abilities to make students understand are looked upon. Regular training workshop are taken with due consideration.

Unity In Diversity :-

Within the class-rooms, the teachers are strictly directd to unite different diversities of our social fabrics. Stories of moral lessons and value of humanity is ingrained in the children's young mind. Celebrating diverse religious and ethics social community is being done. First human then self is our social education.

Remedial Classes

Certain periods for specific period are taken regularly according to the needs of some students. Special consideration on weak subjects are identified and seperate classes and couselling is shared to the students. Special coaching/tuition are also rendered if and when required. Every week pupil is taken up as a challenge which we produce as star or letter marks scorer.

Annual Activities :-

There is no month round the year that goes without events of importance. There are religious, social and cultural, education, games and sports, nationalism and patriolism, workshops on education, awareness on social issues etc in our school premises. Our school, being CBSE school, not only take up such activities within but also reach out to other schools. However: it is easier to say than done, specially with other schools due to time.

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